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Having created hundreds of custom plastic injection molds for a range of clients, we will help make your design a reality, building a product with quality and speed.
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OEM Injection Molded Parts
Precision tooling is an essential step in the plastic molding process, and Retlaw's tool making ability is unsurpassed.
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Sinker EMD and CNC Machining
Precision Injection Molding.
Retlaw Industries specializes in injection molding for thermoplastic OEM parts. It's our heritage, and our quality is unrivaled.
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Mud Flow Testing
Assembly & Production
With our “quality at every step” philosophy, you are assured a plastic product built exactly to your design specs and delivered with precise dimensions and flawless assembly. For our highly skilled assemblers, "some assembly required" is no problem.
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OEM Product Assembly
Precision & Quality
We place great importance on assuring the maximum quality of a product. Our business depends on establishing trust with our end-product clients by molding consistent high-quality parts, built to specifications, with durability to withstand end-user standards and requirements.
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Composite Plastic Injection Molding

Custom Plastic Injection Molding Services

Precision Design, Tooling, Molding, Assembly & MoreA Variety of Injection Moldings

Whether you have fully developed CAD drawings, just an idea, or a sketch on a napkin, Retlaw Industries has the capabilities and flexibility to turn your OEM plastic part plans into a prototype and then a completed, manufactured product. The seasoned designers, toolmakers, and assemblers at Retlaw take full advantage of the latest in plastic injection molding machinery and design programs, all within our six-acre facility. 

Quality and Quantity: Never Too Much of a Good Thing

With our ISO 9001:2015 Certification, we maintain the highest quality in our products, because you can never have too much of a good thing. We make precision OEM pieces so you can make flawless products.

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Computer Assisted Designs, Thorough Testing, and 3D Rapid Prototypes Manufactured in Wisconsin

When you work with the CAD specialists at Retlaw Industries, you save time and money getting the OEM component you require. Our expert designers use the latest CAD/CAM modeling software to guarantee a tested design concept, valid prototypes, and the most accurate machining. Our designers employ a variety of simulation programs in our rigorous testing and machining process, including:

  • PTC Creo® Software – This essential product design software is used by all the plastic part designers and thermoplastic manufacturers here at Retlaw. Through it, we develop high-quality 3D CAD modeling, schematic designs, and technical illustrations of thermoplastic parts. Creo® design software is the premier software we use to create our composite plastic parts.  
  • Solidworks® – An essential piece of software to the Retlaw design process. Provides full solid model and 2D drawing creation and automates common tasks used in the design process to streamline workflow. Allows for advanced surfacing, parametric modeling, a variety of stress analyses and fluid flow simulations, and much more. Designs falling short in testing will never see one of our advanced cutting machines.
  • Mastercam® Mill X5 – A preferred software of CNC programmers. This CAM program grants the programmer flexibility to plan the cutting workflow and is capable of setting up dynamic milling motions to allow for speedy and smart roughing. Hybrid cutting capability further streamlines the process by combining two cutting techniques into a single tool path.
  • SOLIDWORKS Premium 3D – Helps avoid potentially costly defects in plastic molds before they are produced. Gives our designers the ability to simulate, fill, sink, shrink, predict warping, and perform surface stress tests.
  • 3D Rapid Prototyping – Retlaw will produce an accurate and refined prototype of your product, quickly turning the component in your head into one you can hold in your hands. Thanks to the latest in 3D printing technology, we can make your component a reality before it hits production.


Retlaw Plastic Injection Molding Guidelines

Each of these programs optimizes the design of your plastic injection molding project, and in the hands of the expert designers and programmers at Retlaw, they are aggressively efficient tools in the battle against slow product turnaround times.

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Precision CNC Machining Produces Tight Tolerances

The operators and programmers at Retlaw Industries take their craft to the next level, using the latest in CNC machining technology. Since the late 1970s, Retlaw’s CNC engineers have been at the forefront of milling technology, producing high-quality tool molds and meeting or exceeding their clients’ demands.

In keeping with this tradition, Retlaw’s Hartland, WI facility is in the process of phasing out hydraulic CNC machinery in favor of electric units- improving energy efficiency and lowering operational costs, which ultimately means client savings. Using our efficient CNC machinery, we employ a variety of tooling techniques to meet our clients’ expectations, including:

Quality Graphite Templates make Precise Molds to Build Precision Plastics

Our tooling specialists use graphite electrode templates in the electrical discharge machining (EDM) process to create the desired negative shape. Wire EDM, or wire burning as it is occasionally known, is used to make precision cutouts and shapes through steel plates up to 12 inches thick with extreme accuracy.

For the best CNC tooling molds and injection plastics, contact the specialists at Retlaw Industries today!

The Expert Plastic Molding CompanyInjection Molding Machine

Retlaw knows plastics. For decades, we have dedicated ourselves to producing the finest in injected OEM plastic parts. Our plastic specialists know their machines from top to bottom and are happy to employ any of them to ensure your OEM parts are manufactured to your exact specifications.

The facility at Retlaw houses over 19 different molding presses. Ranging from 45-ton computerized molding machines, all the way up to 720-ton electric injection molding machines with closed-loop systems. We can make just about any custom plastic piece you can dream up.

Efficient Composite Plastics at Retlaw Industries

To ensure precise and infinitely repeatable results, each press is equipped with Sterling temperature controls, special automatic sequences, automatic loaders, and dryers that improve efficiency and reduce operating waste.

But that isn’t all.

Plastic Waste Reduction

At Retlaw, we look for opportunities to improve efficiency throughout the process, and one of the best ways is to reduce material waste. We have a waste recycling process to eliminate waste by recycling plastic runners and sprues, when allowed, eliminating scrap and allowing us to pass the savings forward to you.

ERP Software for Efficiency in Manufacturing

We are proud to use the latest in Enterprise Resource Planning Software to streamline and track the manufacturing process from first contacts to final production. We incorporate IQMS software which seamlessly combines manufacturing software, manufacturing execution systems, and ERP programs to ensure efficiency, maximize accuracy, and support accountability of our process to give you the best products possible at the lowest cost.

Assembly Required? No Problem!

Retlaw is your all-in-one manufacturer of injection-molded plastic OEM parts, so just because we are done manufacturing your specific piece, doesn’t mean it’s complete. We attend to your product needs from start to finish and are dedicated to the assembly of plastic pieces as necessary.

Our assembly professionals have years of experience and have access to a wide variety of machines and implements to ensure each piece is assembled correctly and functions properly. We are equipped with essential assembly instruments like:

  • Ultrasonic Welders
  • Hot Stamping Machines (in a variety of weights)
  • Pad Printing Machines

Get OEM Plastic Parts at Retlaw

Why go anywhere else? Eliminate logistics overhead and contact our plastic assembly technicians today!

Retlaw Means Quality Injection PlasticsRetlaw Optical Comparator

We stand behind our plastic products because our process demands quality. Anything less simply doesn’t make it through our plastics process. We are tough on our products from start to finish, creating the exact products you need with the tightest tolerances. To ensure this, Retlaw employs quality control specialists to analyze all products before they make it out of our facility doors.

Retlaw is proud to possess ISO 9001:2015 and NSF certification, and is affiliated with:

  • TDMA – Tool, Die, and Machining Association of Wisconsin
  • AMBA – American Mold Builders Association
  • ASQC – American Society for Quality Control

Precision Control Instruments

Retlaw places great emphasis on the assurance of quality in any product leaving our facility. Our clean inspection room is set up to perform both ongoing and final inspections of our products. Our inspection equipment includes an Optical Comparator, electronic height gauges, digital scales, and pin gauges, all run by professional quality assurance specialists.

Retlaw plastic and injection molding specialists are ready to get to work on your OEM part project. Contact us now!

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