Thermoplastic Idler Pulleys for Automated Packaging Systems

Plastic Components for Packaging EquipmentIdler Pulleys for Warehouse Equipment

Plastic components have the advantage of being very strong yet lightweight, so they are easier to use in warehouse automation equipment. Plastic also doesn’t rot or corrode, and can be easily installed with snap-fit joints – plastic can offer limitless possibilities of design, and the professionals at Retlaw Industries can create the best plastic components for your building project at the most affordable prices. 

Get quality rebar chairs, idler pulleys, adapters, roller chain sprockets, and custom components from the plastic part manufacturers at Retlaw Industries. Give us a call and contact us to get a quote for our services. 

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What are the Materials Used for Thermoplastic Packaging Components?

Our expert plastic part designers will work on your new or existing design concept to find the best material for your particular warehouse application. We use a wide variety of plastics when manufacturing our molded products, depending on what type of plastic product our customers need, including:

Whatever type of molded plastic you need for your warehousing application, the experts at Retlaw Industries can help.

Custom Manufactured Plastic Components for Packaging Automation Systems

The plastic used for your custom parts will vary depending on your automation needs. These various plastics offer high friction resistance, are lightweight, and have many advantages over metal OEM components.

Additional services from Retlaw Industries for your particular plastic part include:

We provide thorough quality control checks throughout the entire design and manufacturing process. We analyze products with SPC Capability, Meyer Gage Pins, 16” Quadracheck III Optical comparator, and more.

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