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The Advantages of Polyetherimide in Plastic Injection MoldingPolyetherimide Plastic in Injection Molding

The professionals at Retlaw Industries use a wide variety of plastic materials for our injection molding processes, and one of the most versatile plastics we use is Polyetherimide (PEI). Polyetherimide, also referred to as Ultem™, is a high-quality and inexpensive thermoplastic material used in many everyday applications since it is very easy to process. 

Some of the benefits of polyetherimide plastic include:

  • Heat resistance
  • Stiffness
  • Stability
  • Environmental resistance
  • Low smoke production
  • Low flammability

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Polyetherimide Plastic Specifications (At Room Temperature)

Name Polyetherimide
Chemical Formula (C37H24O6N2)n
Melting Point (°C) ~225°C 
Tensile Strength ~17000 psi
Impact Strength ~0.5 ft-lb/in notched Izod 
Hardness Level (Rockwell) R125
Flexural Modulus ~20000 psi 

The Benefits of Polyetherimide Plastic in Everyday Life

Since the 1980s, corporations like GE have used Ultem™ in many different plastic applications, and today, polyetherimide is one of the most common plastics used for industrial and manufacturing purposes. Some common applications for polyetherimide, or Ultem™, include:

Medical Components

PEI Plastic for Medical Components

Chemistry Tools

PEI Plastic for Chemistry Tools

Auto Transmission Parts

PEI Plastic for Auto Transmission Parts

Lamp Sockets

PEI Plastic for Lamp Sockets

Lighting Systems

PEI Plastic for Lighting Systems


PEI Plastic for Thermostats

Retlaw Industries Manufactures Polyetherimide Plastic Parts for Your Industry

Polyetherimide has a high impact strength and does not catch on fire very easily, meaning it is often used for automotive, chemistry, and lighting applications. Polyetherimide’s strengths far outweigh its weaknesses, which is why many industries all over the world use it for a wide variety of applications.

When you need high-quality idler pulleys, adapters, rebar chairs, or custom parts manufactured with polyetherimide for your business, Retlaw Industries is the way to go. We provide businesses all over the United States with the best injection molded parts with the tightest tolerances and at the most affordable prices. 

Polyetherimide Plastics Manufacturing In The U.S.

Retlaw Industries supplies polyetherimide plastic products to businesses in Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, Wisconsin, and beyond. Polyetherimide has high heat resistance, stiffness, stability, environmental resilience, low smoke production, and low flammability. Contact Retlaw Industries to find out more about advanced polyetherimide plastics!
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