Advantages of Plastic Pulleys and Sprockets

Plastic vs Metal Part Design

Retlaw Industries produces the highest quality thermoplastic idler pulley wheels available. Our plastic pulleys and sprockets have been used in a variety of pulley system applications, from lawn and garden products to conveyor systems. But what are the full advantages of buying plastic pulleys?

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Molded-in Bearings and Sintered Metal HubsRetlaw Plastic Idler Wheels

Our injection molded sprockets and pulleys are composed of a single piece of glass-reinforced nylon. As a result, they have high immunity to fatigue which tends to separate two-piece metal pulleys. This is part of the reason why our pulleys find such success in atmospheres where high rotational speeds and temperatures cause lesser pulleys to fail. Molded bearings provide improved precision over two-piece bearing systems, which can shift and cause misalignment of the entire system.

Solvent-Resistant Plastic

The thermoplastic comprising our pulleys and sprockets is highly resistant to oil and grease commonly found in lawnmower engine compartments, conveyor belt systems, elevator suspension applications, and other dirty atmospheres. Unlike metal, plastic will not corrode in damp environments, leading to longer life and higher performance.

High Friction Resistance

Thermoplastic has a lower coefficient of friction, which provides quieter use and reduced wear of cables, belts, and ropes. Longer component life means less maintenance and costly repairs, as well as extended belt life. Retlaw’s thermoplastic pulleys run smoothly, so your system will operate correctly.

Lightweight Design

Retlaw’s plastic pulley and sprocket wheels are significantly lighter than their metal counterparts. The reduced weight of glass-reinforced nylon provides overall weight savings for any system. This weight savings is essential to a company’s bottom line, providing savings through shipping and installation costs. Plastics in general have lower specific gravity than brass, aluminum, zinc, steel, or copper. The lighter plastic pulleys are easier to install and replace, if necessary.

Plastic pulleys and sprockets also generate less inertia, resulting in lower energy requirements to function properly.

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