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Retlaw Industries produces high-quality thermoplastic idler pulleys in a variety of sizes and styles. Our extensive inventory services the steady demand for plastic idler pulley wheels. We are ready to be your premier supplier. If you cannot find the correct pulley style or size, our designers will help create custom idler pulleys to suit your exacting design.

Retlaw Industries carries a large inventory of idler pulleys for you to choose from. With our selection of styles and sizes, as well as an inventory of various mounting adapters, you can be sure to find the correct idler/adapter combination to fit your specific application.

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Retlaw Industries Produces Durable Plastics

As with all of our plastic products, we stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our pulleys. Glass-reinforced nylon idler pulleys produced by Retlaw possess many advantages over standard steel pulleys:

  • Runs Cooler – Thermoplastic idler pulleys have lower heat conductivity than steel or other metals, reducing wear over the long term.
  • No Rivet Fatigue – Our pulleys are produced as one piece, eliminating the use of riveting which tends to become weak over time.
  • Longer Belt Life – Due to a lower conductivity coefficient, less heat buildup gets transferred to the belt, giving it longer life.
  • No Corrosion – Glass-reinforced nylon thermoplastic will not corrode the pulley in the way ferrous metals will.


Plastic Pulley Benefits

An Idler Pulley for all Applications

Retlaw Industries Inc. has manufactured OEM products for use in a host of industries and a spectrum of products. Satisfied Retlaw customers have installed our idler pulleys, sprockets and adapters in products ranging from lawnmowers to home gyms.

Our inventory of pulley wheels offers many sizes and styles including:

  • Cable Idlers – Rounded, deep channel to accommodate standard steel cable gauges
  • V-Belt Idler – Idler built to be used with V-belt, which offers excellent protection from lateral belt slippage  
  • Round Belt Idler – Rounded channels meant to control rope and round rubber belts
  • Flangeless Idler – Often used to support sections of conveyor belts, these channel-less adapters can accommodate wide belts
  • Flat Idler – Shallow, flat-channeled pulley wheel used with standard drive belts

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Custom-Designed Thermoplastic Parts for Your Industry

Retlaw Industries designs custom plastic parts for industries just like yours. Through our unique plastic injection molding process high-quality assembly equipment, we can custom-make the parts your company needs for your particular application. We produce custom plastic parts for all types of industries, including:

Quality Idlers Made in America

A properly applied idler pulley from the professional manufacturers at Retlaw will enhance belt performance in all types of machinery. Our highly durable idler pulleys will support belt segments where they are most susceptible to oscillation or vibrations, providing smooth and easy machine operation.

All of Retlaw Industries’ injection-molded idler pulleys are manufactured right here in the United States, meaning you can be sure your molded part is made by a group of professionals who care deeply about our craft. Our decades of experience in the plastic injection molding industry solidifies our dedication to quality in everything we do, and you’re sure to end up with the best possible product.

Idler Pulleys Shipped Nationwide

Retlaw Industries manufactures high-quality idler pulleys for a variety of applications. All of our injection-molded idler pulleys are available nationwide including in Wisconsin, Washington, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, Minnesota, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Colorado! 

Do you have a need for top-quality idler pulleys? Contact the pulley professionals at Retlaw Industries to place an order.

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