How to Choose the Right Plastic Company

For Plastic Injection Molding Services

If your business needs professionally molded thermoplastic parts, then you need an experienced plastic injection molding company to do the work for you. Figuring out what type of injection molding company is best for you can be a hassle – here’s a checklist to help you figure out what you want in a plastic molding manufacturer.

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Questions to Ask When Choosing a Plastic Injection Molding Company:

Thermoplastic Injection Molding CompanyDoes the company work with more than one industry?

Plastic components are used for a wide variety of industries, and many companies like Retlaw provide plastic parts for many industries throughout the United States. However, different plastic injection molding companies make parts for specific industries which may be different from your own. In order to ensure your plastic components are made to your exact specifications, make sure you research the company you want to work with so they’ll manufacture the correct components for your particular business.

Do they do in-house part design and manufacturing?

Oftentimes, you’ll see plastic injection molding companies offer injection molding services, but don’t mention that their services are done in-house. Their employees are at a completely different location, sometimes in a different country, and because of that, the overall quality of your plastic parts can be lessened. Retlaw Industries does everything in-house at our Hartland, WI location, and we can ensure your thermoplastic components are made by experienced engineers with the highest qualifications.

Do the engineers have proper education and training?

The plastic injection molding industry presents new innovations and technological advantages every single day, and when you’re getting plastic components manufactured for your business, you want engineers who are well-versed in everything related to the thermoplastic injection molding industry. Companies like Retlaw Industries are extremely knowledgeable in the injection molding process, including the melting temperatures needed in the molding process, and a basic understanding of injection molding part design.

Do they offer prototyping services?Thermoplastic CAD Drawing

Prototypes are an important part of the plastic injection molding process since they help show customers what their plastic molded part will end up looking like. Companies like Retlaw Industries provide prototyping services for businesses like yours to ensure your rebar chairs, idler pulleys, roller chain sprockets, adapters, or custom plastic parts are made to your exact specifications.

Are they within your budget?

Making sure a plastic injection molding company is within budget is always an important aspect of choosing who to hire for your injection molding needs. Quality products for a higher price can also be considered – when you want your plastic products to last longer and be made with a higher-quality plastic, then you may need to spend more money than if you got cheaper-quality plastic parts. 

Is the company ISO 9001 certified?

Retlaw Industries is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, meaning we are in compliance with the ISO quality standard that’s applicable to providing product design and thermoplastic injection molding services to companies throughout the United States. An ISO 9001 certified company is the best option when you want the highest-quality plastic components made for your company.

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