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Benefits of Nylon (Polyamide) Plastic Injection MoldingNylon Plastic Injection Molding

Nylon plastic (PA) is a synthetic thermoplastic polymer commonly used in injection molding applications. It’s a versatile, durable, and flexible material often used as a more affordable alternative to other materials like silk, rubber, and latex. Material benefits of nylon polyamide include:

  • High melting temperature
  • Low friction
  • High tensile strength
  • Resistance to chemicals and abrasions

The chemical composition of Nylon gives it a high melting point, making it an excellent alternative to metal components in high-temperature environments, like car engines and other types of high-friction machinery. Like other thermoplastic materials, nylon plastic turns to liquid at its melting point rather than burning, meaning it can be melted down and remolded or recycled. Nylon material also doesn’t heat up easily when used in high friction applications.

Nylon is usually combined with other materials to improve various qualities. For example, filling nylon with glass fibers increases its tensile strength while making it less flexible and more brittle.

With plastic injection molding, Retlaw casts glass-reinforced nylon plastic into the components you need for your industry.

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Properties of Nylon Plastic (PA):

Name Nylon (PA), or Nylon Polyamide
Chemical Formula (C12H22N2O2)n
Melting Point (°C) ~220°C
Tensile Strength ~11,000 psi
Impact Strength ~0.6 fit-lb/in notched Izod
Hardness Level (Rockwell) R115
Flexural Modulus ~16,000 psi


Challenges with Molding Nylon Plastic

As with any plastic material, there are some common issues that could potentially arise in the nylon thermoplastic molding process. Some of the problems that could occur include:

  • Gassing – excess gas can cause defects in the nylon plastic, including a poor chalky appearance. Higher mold temperatures and poor ventilation can lead to gassing in nylon, but gassing can be deterred when you find the right temperature and allow gas to escape through proper venting during the molding process.
  • Moisture - Poor drying can cause gassing and other potential scrap-producing defects in nylon. Nylon plastic is the most hygroscopic, meaning it easily takes in excess moisture when not properly drained. Always make sure the loader line and loader receptacle have been cleared of material to allow the barrel time to heat soak.
  • Shrinkage – Nylon is a plastic material prone to shrinkage during the molding process. Nylon shrinkage can result in reduced strength, poor color, and warped edges, but properly controlling the heat and molding temperatures can help reduce shrinkage.

Uses for Nylon Plastics in Everyday Life

Nylon is an extremely versatile plastic material. Along with industrial and mechanical uses, Nylon is commonly used for a variety of products, including:


Nylon Plastic for Fabric

Fiber Ropes

Nylon Plastic for Fiber Ropes

Food Packaging

Nylon Plastic for Food Packaging


Nylon Plastic for Toothbrushes

Plastic Fasteners

Nylon Plastic for Plastic Fasteners


Nylon Plastic for Cookware

Plastic Gears

With plastic injection molding, nylon polyamide can be cast into gears, bushings, plastic bearings, and other components for mechanical equipment like engines.

Nylon Plastic (PA) Injection Molding from Retlaw Industries

If you need components with a high melting point and low friction, as well as resistance to chemicals and abrasion, nylon plastic is an excellent choice. Contact Retlaw Industries to design and manufacture your OEM components, such as:

Retlaw’s professional machinists, assemblers, and quality control specialists will ensure your injection molded Nylon products are made to your exact specifications. Contact us today to get a quote on our thermoplastic parts for your particular industry.

In addition to working with Nylon plastic we also work with:

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Retlaw Industries ships plastic components nationwide including Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Minnesota, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Wisconsin!


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