CNC Lathe Machining Solutions for Plastic Injection Molds

Get your materials shaped to perfection with CNC lathe machining solutions at Retlaw Industries. With over 40 years dedicated to perfecting our craft and a state-of-the-art facility spanning over 50,000 square feet, we have the expertise and the capacity to stay ahead of the game and consistently produce top results for your business with our CNC turning machines.

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What is CNC Lathe Machining for Plastic Injection Molds? 

CNC lathe machines let you customize your plastic injection mold designs with multiple features simultaneously to create threads, holes and more by spinning material around a central spindle with a cutting tool programmed to unveil your mold’s unique specifications.


Benefits of Using CNC Lathe Machining for Your Plastic Injection Molds 

CNC lathe machining in the production of plastic injection molds is becoming increasingly popular due to its accuracy, flexibility and repeatability. With the ability to perform drilling, sanding, cutting and milling in a swift and efficient process, there’s no need to use a secondary machine to complete additional operations. CNC lathe machines yield precise results in simplified and shortened production times to turn your plastic injection molds into profit-generating machines of their own, sooner. 


What Industries Use CNC Lathe Machining for Plastic Injection Molds? 

CNC lathe machining is ideal for cutting, shaping, sanding and drilling molds for: 

    • Train, automotive and electric motor parts
    • Nuts and bolts
    • Gun barrels 
    • And much more


5 Reasons to Choose Retlaw Industries as your CNC Lathe Machining Service

1. Expedite Your CNC Turning Machine Project with Our In-House Design Team

Our design lab is where innovation, speed and precision come together. Retlaw’s designers engineer your parts promptly, producing solutions with exceptional creativity and precision. 

2. Enjoy the Convenience of Comprehensive Manufacturing Services 

From design, prototyping and plastic injection tooling to assembly, precision machining and injection molding, working with Retlaw Industries for your CNC lathe machining services lets you seamlessly keep your production process under one roof to keep your products moving and start making money sooner. 

3. Our Cutting-Edge CNC Machinery Gives You an Edge

We use the latest technologies to bring you superior results. Our CNC machining services are designed to produce precise results according to your exact specifications. 

4. Unbeatable Quality Gives You Peace of Mind

The expert design and production teams at Retlaw Industries craft prototypes, machined molds, injection molds, thermoplastic OEM parts and custom plastics you can rely on to yield meticulously crafted results, every time. 

5. Save Money on Manufacturing

We understand the growing importance of using economical and environmentally responsible processes. Retlaw Industries is phasing out hydraulic CNC machinery in favor of energy-efficient electric units to lower our operational costs and save you money. 


Delivering Precise CNC Lathe Machining Solutions to Your Business

Don’t settle for the headache and hassle of working with a company that does a shoddy job and leaves you with an imprecise, rough or incomplete mold. Trust Retlaw Industries to deliver uncompromising perfection for your CNC turning machining projects of any size. When it’s time for your molds to perform, you’ll be glad you chose quality from Retlaw. Retlaw Industries holds an ISO 9001:2015 certification and is proud to be affiliated with the Tool, Die, and Machining Association of Wisconsin (TDMA) and the American Mold Builders Association (AMBA). 

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For over 40 years, Retlaw has produced quality injection molding tools which has led us into thermoplastic injection molding for a wide variety of industries. With over 19 injection molding machines, decades of collective experience, and over 50,000 square feet under roof and room to expand, we are always ready for your new projects.
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