Dual Direction Rebar Chairs

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Dual Direction Rebar Chairs *All our Rebar Chairs come in Rod sizes stock #3 #4 #5 #6

What are Dual Direction Rebar Chairs Used For?

Dual direction rebar chairs are used at intersecting points of intersecting rebars. The provide support and stabilization at critical intersections of concrete grids, and the locking clips reduce movement rebar shifting. These rebar chairs are crucial in strengthening poured concrete, and plastic injection molding companies like Retlaw Industries produce the best high-quality low-cost dual direction rebar chairs.  

Retlaw Manufactures Dual-Direction Rebar Chairs for Your Industry

Proper rebar grid layout is essential to the concrete curing process. Without the proper spacing, concrete will settle unevenly and with hidden weaknesses.  Retlaw’s dual-direction plastic rebar chairs help keep proper spacing and save time on the job site with their convenient snap-lock design.

Dual direction rebar chairs provide support and stabilization at critical intersections of concrete grids, and the locking clips reduce movement rebar shifting. Grid layout time is greatly reduced with thermoplastic rebar chairs from Retlaw Industries.

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Concrete Pouring Secret: Rebar Chairs

Plastic rebar chairs are less costly and lighter than heavy concrete rebar chairs. Concrete workers appreciate Retlaw’s efficient concrete chair design.

Our rebar spacing chairs feature:

  • Single-piece polyethylene construction
  • Snap-Lock design
  • Oil, solvent and some acid resistance
  • Compatibility with rebar sizes #3-#6
  • Availability in heights ranging from 1inch to 6 inches.
  • Additional custom sizes can be produced
Order plastic rebar chairs today from the injection molding experts at Retlaw Industries by contacting us today.

Retlaw Sizing Info

Retlaw Industries manufacturers several types of products. If you are interested in an adapter or idler pulley size that is not currently on our size chart, please contact us.

Retlaw’s Dual Direction Chairs are Compatible for Rebars of All Sizes

With dual direction rebar chairs manufactured by the experts at Retlaw Industries, you’ll never have to worry about your rebar placement. A sturdy plastic design allows the rebar to snap into place without risk of it collapsing, and you’ll be able to save time and money with its affordable design and polyethylene material.

Plastic rebar chairs are lighter and more affordable than concrete rebar chairs, and the professional molders at Retlaw Industries can manufacture them for you with the highest quality materials. Our certified quality controllers only use the highest accuracy equipment to ensure your rebar chairs operate precisely as designed. Don’t hesitate to call Retlaw Industries today to learn more about our injection molding services.

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