EDM Machines Used for the Most Precise Tools and Molds

Retlaw EDM Machines for Manufacturing

Electrical discharge machining (EDM) is a process in which material is removed from a consumable using thermal energy. The charged graphite transfers itsEDM Machinery for Precise EDM Tooling charge to the steel mold material, and the sparks erode the steel to create opposite shapes required to create the tooling.

In order to control the spark, the electrode is submerged in an insulating liquid, often de-ionized water or oils. The electrode is kept at a consistent distance from the work piece and the dielectric fluid surrounding it prevents short circuiting.

EDM Machines used by Retlaw Industries include:

  • Charmille CNC Electrical Discharge Machine - Type Roboform 51
  • Charmille CNC Electrical Discharge Machine - Type Roboform 35P
  • Charmille Electrical Discharge Machine - Type D10
Retlaw Industries professionals have years of experience using EDM processes for the most precise manufacturing. Contact us today to learn more.
For over 40 years, Retlaw has produced quality injection molding tools which has led us into thermoplastic injection molding for a wide variety of industries. With over 19 injection molding machines, decades of collective experience, and over 50,000 square feet under roof and room to expand, we are always ready for your new projects.
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