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Retlaw Industries provides high accuracy plastic OEM parts to fit just about any thermoplastic OEM component requirement. No matter if you need plastic rebar chairs, roller chain sprockets, or idler pulleys manufactured for your business, Retlaw is the company for you!

Retlaw Industries has the ability and injection molding expertise to produce nearly any plastic OEM component you can dream up. Because of this, the range of industries we’re able to serve is only limited by the demand for plastic parts in each industry. If you need OEM thermoplastic components, you can count on Retlaw Industries for the fastest plastics and the finest design.

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For over 40 years, Retlaw has produced quality injection molding tools which has led us into thermoplastic injection molding for a wide variety of industries. With over 19 injection molding machines, decades of collective experience, and over 50,000 square feet under roof and room to expand, we are always ready for your new projects.
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